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disclaimer: this is not not dylan and cole sprouse. this is just a fansite.

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Well… I haven’t been logged in on this account for a while. I have a few things I must admit…
This may be just a “Sprouse” site I also post SOME Justin Bieber stuff.
But I must admit I don’t think I’m much of a fan of his. Not that I was much of one before. I hate how he’s acting like he’s all that and a bag of chip. I hope he got a disease from all the women he has slept with. He’s stupid for doing that. Then he wonders why they come at him for being a “daddy” and child support. Being those women, I’m sure they are happy cause they can get money from him if they did get preggo. I bet his mom must feel real proud of him. He hangs out with too many people who seem to have a bad influence on him. And… Oh yeah Selena was the best thing about him. WAS. Not hating but it’s just a big slap in the face on how he acts how he does, no consideration for anyone or anything. He needs to take a break like everyone else keeps telling him and be a kid and relax. I miss the old him. I miss the guy I first saw on YouTube like 6-7 years ago when he sang covers of some of his favorite songs. Coming across him I was amazed. Then a couple years later seeing him on TV and recognizing that voice I drew it back to YouTube and I was shocked and amazed. Altho the songs he sang when he first came out were… Lame. Childish. Not that great. Someone who loves god and respected people. He may love his fans but he doesn’t have any discipline or consideration… I blame that on his dad who tries to look like him. And suddenly is in the picture after he got famous. Yeah yeah idc still makes him look bad. I may get hate for this but I don’t care. I’m speaking my feelings for I see him crashing, and/or fucking up.

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Who else sees the similarity? 

I can’t stop laughing!
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